Lil Pump Says T.I. Is Snitch

Luis Suela

Lil Pump and T.I. are two of the biggest names in rap today. Both artists have enjoyed massive success and popularity, and their music has gained millions of fans around the world. 

However, the two rappers were recently embroiled in a public feud over T.I. accusing Lil Pump of being a "sn#tch" and hitting back at Lil Pump  with a distraction. In this article, we  look at the  feud between Lil Pump and T.I and explore the reasons behind it.


  Lil Pump and T.I. started when T.I.  Lil Pump lashed out on his Instagram account, accusing him of supporting former President Donald Trump. T.I. expressed his frustration with Lil Pump, claiming  he "weakens people down." Lil Pump responded by posting a pro-Trump video that added to the controversy. 

The feud between the  rappers further escalated  when T.I. released a  track  titled "What It's Come To" directed at Lil Pump. The track featured T.I. accuses Lil Pump of being a Sn#tch, claiming  he  cooperated with law enforcement to get out of trouble. Lil Pump responded with his diss track  "Lil Pimp Big MAGA Steppin" where he insults T.I. and defends his support for Trump. 


  Lil Pump and T.I. is a classic example of two different artists  clashing in public. T.I. has been  vocal in his criticism of Trump and his policies, while Lil Pump has repeatedly expressed his support for the former president. While it's unclear whether or not  Lil Pump  cooperated with law enforcement, T.I's allegations have certainly affected his public image. On the other hand, Lil Pump's diss track  won him  support among Trump's supporters, who  praised him for standing up for his beliefs.

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