Juice WRLD's ex-girlfriend Gifts new boyfriend with jewelry and clothes that belonged To The rapper

Luis Suela

Last December marked the third anniversary since Juice WRLD's passing. In 2019, Hip Hop was shocked to learn that the rapper suffered a seizure after landing at an airport. Speculative reports ran rampant as news sources tried to get the latest updates. Sadly, it was learned that Juice died of an overdose, and what led to the incident has been debated ever since his death.

At that time, the rapper was dating Ally Lotti, who he often flaunted on social media. He wrote songs about her and sang for her during his live shows. Now, it's being reported that Ally is gifting her new beau jewelry and clothes that belonged to Juice J, claims 600 Breezy, a friend of the rapper.

600 Breezy sat down for one of VladTV's lengthy interviews and talked about his relationship with Juice. According to Breezy, the public was unaware of how close he and the late rapper were. The conversation turned to drug abuse, with the rapper revealing that after his girlfriend's suicide last fall, he went on a "three, four month binge," Vlad then mentioned Juice's struggles with addiction.

“He's one of the biggest artists in the world, but he would have been so much bigger if he was still here.” He remembers sitting on FaceTime with Juice when the late rapper was out shopping with Lotti. “Just living life, because we understand each other.

We come from the same thing. So it's like this shit is crazy because it's not like he purposely overdosed. He was on a… there was some shit going on with the police, and in his mind I think he was like, 'I don't want to get caught with this…. Certain decisions you make, you can't take back.”

“I'm seeing what's going on with his ex. They are saying that she is giving away her watches, coats, jackets and such. I'm not just going to sit here and say she's doing this, because I really don't know what's going on.

Maybe she just buys [her new boyfriend] the same kind of stuff.” said Breezy, alluding to the fact that Alliyh's young 18-year-old boyfriend appeared on social media wearing diamond-studded watches that were Juice WRLD's and even a coat. Breezy noted that Juice's fans don't play with his reputation, so they would be on Ally Lotti's neck.

Last month, TMZ reported that Lotti and her boyfriend Carter Jamison were arrested after leaving a Walmart. They were accused of theft, and later narcotics were allegedly found in Lotti when the police arrived. Lotti and Jamison were placed on probation and are currently on bail.

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