J. Cole Reflects On Retiring From Rap In New Songs

Luis Suela

J. Cole implied that he may be thinking of retiring from the music industry in a new track with BTS star J-Hope, titled "On The Street." In the new track of the artist K-Pop, launched last Thursday (2), Cole releases a set of letters that emit the energy of a man seeking to move on to more green pastures.

“A few days, I wonder if I need to choose a different hobby/ I'm involved with rap, that's all I know how to do/ I never did anything better, it's hard to leave there/ But like a father seeing your daughter/ down the altar with Tears in the eyes/ You have to let her grow, ”he sings.

J. Cole then makes some verses about how he keeps improving, but still feels the uncomfortable feeling of giving up on music. "And so I should go, but first, I have improved my style ... I think if I should wait to deliver the crown/ and stay a little more, I feel strange hunger/ the more as, the stronger it gets."

J-Hope met North Carolina's star last year behind the scenes of Lolapalooza and called him a "star." He also said Cole's "Higher" track of his 2014 Mixtape, Friday Night Lights, was his "favorite track of all time." Drake, which is arguably the closest musical compadre to J. Cole, also talked about making a "graceful departure" of the rap game during a recent interview with Lil Yachty.

“I think I'm at the point now when I just want to like it - I feel we may have talked about it the other day. I feel like I'm introducing the concept of an elegant way out into my mind, ”he said.

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