Elon Musk Says Us Media Is Racist Towards Whites And Asians

Luis Suela


Since taking over as CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk's posts on the social media platform have been undeniably controversial. Always an advocate of “freedom of expression”, the South African engineer's latest scandal finds him helping a famous cartoonist who has become known as a rac!st. As Salon reports, Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip, was dismissed by hundreds of newspapers across the US for making damaging comments about the black community in a now-viral video.

It all started when the artist had the latest episode of her YouTube series, Real Coffee with Scott Adams. At the time, he repeatedly repeated his thoughts that black people are part of a "rac!st hate group".

He seems to have fallen into line of thinking after seeing a Rasmussen Reports poll revealing that 53% of black Americans agreed with the statement, "It's OK to be white."

Elsewhere in his post, Adams revealed that he no longer plans to "help black Americans" before advising other white people to "stay away from black people." After the Dilbert cartoon was canceled by social media users across the world, a lot of debate is brewing – particularly on Twitter.

"If Scott Adams wasn't a cruel, rac!st, terribly insensitive jerk... it might have been different," actor William Baldwin wrote in a response.

“This is not awakening, this is not political correctness, this is not cancel culture. These are consequences. See the difference?” he initiated for the followers. Of course, the number of critics of Adams is constantly growing, but luckily for him, one of the biggest Twitter accounts is coming to his rescue.

   On Sunday (February 26), Elon Musk turned the tables with a tweet suggesting there are bigger issues to deal with when it comes to racism.

In response to a tweet from MonitoringBias declaring that "Adams is rac!st but not the 20 million black people who think it's not okay to be white", the 51-year-old had his opinion that "the media is rac!st".

Musk went on to say, "For a long time, the US media was rac!st against people of color, now they are rac!st against white people and Asians.

He then noted that the same thing was happening with elite colleges and high schools nationwide. “Maybe they can try not to be rac!st,” the controversial public figure wrote, leading to further debate.

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