Doja Cat Reveals She's On The Mend After Multiple Plastic Surgeries

Luis Suela


Doja Cat admits the procedures were painful, but luckily she's been "healing really fast" ever since.

Toward the end of February, after a series of surprisingly strange tweets, Doja Cat suddenly stopped posting on Twitter, leaving fans without her usual antics. On Monday (March 21), she returned to the platform, offering the world some updates on what's been going on in her life since we last heard from her. "I'm all pretty, I've had a lot of plastic surgery," Doja wrote yesterday morning. The rapper says she got her breasts done and even worked on her clit.

Since she uploaded the comical tweet, responses have been filled with people trying to match Doja’s energy, as well as obviously thirsty users begging to see what her new body looks like. “And your butt shone”, wrote someone from the previous category when seeing the post of the “Say So” singer. "Pictures or it didn't happen," someone else responded to her big news.

As usual, Doja didn't hold back from cracking a few jokes as she answered questions from curious fans. "How are you feeling?" one person asked. “Four days of recovery,” she wrote back. "Feel good. I had lipo, so my thighs really hurt if I move around a lot, but I'm recovering really fast." Obviously, this was her most honest answer, but less than a minute later she described her pain level as "more Illuminati than Illuminati".

In related news, Doja Cat vowed to continue "playing on people's ignorance" about her being Illuminati. “playing with people's ignorance and stupidity for my own happiness and personal gain,” she wrote in a tweet last month.

Doja followed this up minutes later with a promise to intentionally embark on a "joke" journey only to bring discomfort (admittedly hilarious) to those aforementioned "idiots". “This Illuminati shit is so funny to me,” said Doja Cat. “I'm going to keep deliberately doing weird things just to make these people uncomfortable. I have found a new outlet for joy.”

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