Dj Akademiks Criticizes Drake, Kendrick Lamar For Avoiding Rap Media Interviews

Luis Suela


DJ Akademiks had something to say about rappers.

 DJ Akademics is back with comments on some of the rap artists. It is not to measure words, and it seems that this time, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake are in his sights. Cole's recent interview with Bob Myers has talked about sports and hip hop, so it's no surprise that AK has one or two things to say about the chat. The video was not something Akademiks was a fan of because he believes K-Dot, Cole World and Drizzy actively prevent certain media.

“J. Glue and the rest of you great rappers, ”Akademiks started. “No wonder you don't like hip hop media. You get so big in the game - they use the culture and use all these blogs. I'm not saying you need it - I don't care if they do an interview with me. But I know a lot of journalists in the game and they don't say anything. And many of them still expect to get an interview. I say all these brothers. ”

“I just look at Manos, like J. Cole. When I see you doing some shit at ESPN, but you won't give an interview with a bro in culture, you won't enter the Million Dollaz Worth of Game, you won't go into the drink champs. You won't be with Joe Budden or something. I see this as a strange shit. ”

Akademiks also said he was "talking for all the little journalists in the game." He also suggested that many rappers do not want to sit with these channels because they cannot control the narrative.

This is something that DJ Akademiks faces regularly due to its controversial industry connections. He was criticized by the way he reports culture; Still, your blog continues to grow in popularity. "If Kendrick doesn't want to like you, tell that bro rooms," he added. AK insisted that he would never beg for anyone for an interview. "They will sit with some random bro, or some random white guy and will not talk to you."


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