6ix9ine Is Hated At The Baseball Game And Was Almost Thrown With A Beer Can On His Head

Luis Suela


6ix9ine discussed with some people in the stands of the game between Mexico and Puerto Rico.

6ix9ine was almost hit by a can of beer in the quarterfinals of the World Baseball Classic (Baseball World Cup) between Mexico and Puerto Rico. In addition, the controversial rapper shook the Mexican flag to provoke opponents in the stands of Loandepot Park in Miami, Florida, on Friday night (March 17).

Apparently, many Puerto Rico fans were in these stands and did not like the rapper's actions. Baseball reporter Aram Leighton shared a twitter video from a beer can flying very close to the 6ix9ine face. In addition, authorities allegedly moved to another area to avoid more conflict and more wasted beer cans.

6ix9ine Gets Can of Beer Thrown at Him at baseball Game - Watch - XXL

Despite the interruption, the artist of "Gummo" really came out happy. While Puerto Rico scored four races first, Mexico persevered and won the match 5-4 at the end. In addition, it is the first time in the history of the Mexican national team that it has reached the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic. Then Mexico will face Japan in what should be another fantastic baseball game.

Interestingly, 6ix9ine (real name Daniel Hernandez) is a descendant of Mexicans and Porto Ricans. So it seems to be a victory for him anyway. Regardless of this, the rapper is known to cause problems wherever he goes, whether instigated or incidental. In addition, getting on the side of Mexico may even reflect his feud with the artist of Reggaeton Porto-Rican and Rapper Anuel AA. Readers may remember that Tekashi recently entered a fight with Anuel's brother.

Meanwhile, the 26 -year -old also caused a Cuba Internet shutdown recently for his mischief. Although it is an extreme and justified response to a viral video, the 6ix9ine visit apparently took the island by surprise. In addition, his clips allegedly throwing money on the street of his hotel room quickly circulated online. Given the disrespectful display of richness and exploitation of Cuba's poverty issues, many were outraged by the rapper's visit.


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