Rapper GloRilla Says Rihanna Is Her Twin Sister

Luis Suela

Glorilla Compares Herself To Rihanna And Generates a Debate Among Fans.

In 2022, GloRilla undeniably had one of the most impressive performances by any new artist. His single “FNF” (and its remix) continues to blast mainly in clubs across the US. In more recent weeks, she's performed songs like "On Wat U On" featuring Moneybagg Yo, as well as her latest solo effort, "Internet Trolls"*. *People obviously love her for her musical talents and unique voice.

Unlike other female rappers, she chose not to get into major labels in order for her to boost her figure. Instead, the artist is accepting her body and clearly letting the world know that she thinks she's fat - regardless of what the haters may say. Another recent GloRilla comment making the rounds online is her resemblance to Rihanna. Of course, many also love the Memphis native for her sense of humor.

According to GloRilla, she and Rihanna are "twins". The artist had already made these comments during an interview on the Grammy red carpet. they became a topic of discussion on Twitter over the weekend. It all started on Friday afternoon (Feb. 17), when the Glo quote tweeted an image reminiscent of RiRi and Lil Kim at an awards show in 2005.

The original poster noted that the photo of Rihanna confirms the CMG artist's claims that they are "twins", changing the caption to read "Lil Kim & GloRilla, 2005". you who are my twin sister”, earning more than 80 thousand likes.

So far, reactions to her comment have been mixed, with some vehemently denying that the rising star could impersonate Bad Gal, while others echo her opinion. “She also says she's fat,” pointed out one person, poking fun at GloRilla's delusion about her glute size. The Barbadian artist was around 17 at the time and looked much younger.

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