Judge Confirms Drake Is Cleared From XXXTENTACION Death Trial

Luis Suela


In recent years, conspiracy theories linking Drake to XXXTENTACION's death have been endless. There have been many fan theories dissecting lyrics and music videos in an attempt to connect Drizzy to the Florida rapper's death. Unfortunately, Internet theories have led to real-life implications, and for the past two months, defense attorneys have used Drake's name in an attempt to create publicity and some sort of doubt that the four men on trial did not kill XXXTENTACION.

More recently, Dedrick Williams' attorney Mauricio Padilla tried to convince a judge that his argument requires a deposition from Drake. There was a back and forth that led to a couple of process servers facing off against Drake's security in Calabasas.

In addition, one of the defendants, who settled and became a witness for the state, confirmed in the affidavit that she has no connection with Drake. Meanwhile, the rapper's lawyer had to appear in court to try to overturn the statement from last week, although it appears the judge has now made a final decision.

This week Padilla returned to court where he addressed the judge about Drake's testimony and, in short, it didn't work for him. Padilla tried to explain the video of 600Breezy heading to Florida to meet XXXTENTACION allegedly on behalf of Drake. "Attorney then subpoenaed 600Breezy," the judge informed Padilla before closing the door on any possibility of Drake sitting down for a deposition.

"What does that have to do with another person you have no evidence of involvement with beyond hearsay and innuendo?" the judge continued. “Now you're trying to drag someone who is a celebrity, who doesn't want to be associated with that. And harming that individual is not relevant.”

Padilla started to explain the connection between 600Breezy and Drake, but clearly the judge had had enough. “You've had this case since 2018. Go talk to Breezy,” he said with his hands up. Overall, Padilla's attempt to get Drake on the stand was a complete failure.

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