Gunna Wants To Leave YSL And Has An Album Ready To Be Released

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Gunna wants to leave YSL and has an album ready to be released;

With suspicions of whistle blowing in the case of Young Thug, Gunna is trying to leave YSL and according to DJ Akademiks, the rapper also has an album ready.

Hip Hop fans are still wondering what Gunna's next move will be. After getting out of prison in December, the rapper hasn't made much career or social media moves.

He was initially part of the first series of arrests linked to the YSL RICO case. Gunna, Young Thug and more than two dozen of their alleged associates were arrested on charges related to various crimes.

It's been claimed that YSL was a street crime organization, but Thug and his supporters insisted it's just a record company. “So it becomes one of those situations where you can't argue why everyone is leaving you on an island. So I think Gunna is kind of in limbo, waiting to see what happens with Thug.

I think he's praying that Thug has a favorable outcome. Or he's probably praying that, despite what may happen to Thug, Thug will have some kind of pity for him."

The speech was all speculative, as Gunna didn't say much. He and his lawyer have repeatedly denied the snitch allegations, and Gunna has popped up on Instagram to say hello to Thug. However, Akademiks shared what he heard on the vine, as Hip Hop expects more from Gunna himself. “I guess if you ask me those are just my thoughts.

  I think if Thugger gets 20 or 15 years, I think Gunna will try to pitch this offer to them, 'Hey, how about if you guys give me that co-signer that I need to get the finger off of me, to get that jacket off of me, I'll give a larger percentage of my earnings to Thugger.'”

Furthermore, Akademiks stated that he also heard that Gunna was making moves to leave the YSL. Because the relationship is "fractured," Akademiks said there's no way Gunna would go through something like this with the label and be okay with it. Signed by kelvio zuzy and Nemias Gomes.

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