Daughter Of Kim And Kanye, North West Proves To Be A Big Fan Of Ice Spice And Asks The Rapper To Visit Her House

Luis Suela


 North West interrupted Kim Kardashian's Story video with an important update: she combined with Lala Anthony via FaceTime to bring Ice Spice to the Kardashian house.

Overall, it was a pretty healthy exchange, as Kim was with her son Psalm and Lala is one of her best friends. Furthermore, the reality TV superstar enjoyed a brief moment of cuteness with Psalm before North came out with Anthony in her face.

Kim Kardashian even seemed surprised by the call, which goes to show that North West is more experienced than you might think. After all, who better to call than a beloved celebrity to try to hook up with a beloved celebrity? Given North's recent portrayal of Ice Spice, it's clear she's a huge fan. "What is that? Cheese!" Kim told her son at the beginning of the video.

  “Look at my little baby. What is that, peace sign?” Psalm smiled at the camera and raised her hand to say hello. Then, North interrupts his filming with Lala on the phone, which causes Psalm to scream. "Hey!" Kardashian exclaimed when she saw Lala on North's screen. "What are you doing? When my daughter is FaceTiming my best friend," she said as she showed North's screen to the camera. “I was trying to make a video.

What are you talking?" Kim asked. Anthony replied, “We're talking about Ice Spice. We're talking about her coming home, we're talking about her coming to visit…” Furthermore, Kim confirmed that Spice is North West's newest obsession. Ice Spice, this is what North cares about,” said Kim Kardashian at the end of her video. Meanwhile, even Spice responded to North's portrayal of her. TMZ reporters found her in Brooklyn and asked if she saw the cartoon. “I did, it was so cute!” she exclaimed. "Thanks North."

In related news, North West will make her film debut opposite Kim Kardashian in the sequel to the movie “Paw Patrol”. North's younger brother, Saint, will also make a cameo in the film. Kardashian will reprise her role as Delores in the 2021 film. Kim confirmed the news in a social media post

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