Blueface Asks Lil Baby "If He Want To Fvck His Girlfriend" ,Chrisean Rock, After Having A Conversation With Her

Luis Suela

Blueface has puzzled Lil Baby’s intentions over an interplay he had with his lady friend Chrisean Rock, asking if the 4PF rapper needs to “f--k” him too.
Blueface and Chrisean went on Instagram Live whilst eating at a restaurant over the weekend when the “Thotiana” big name confronted his Crazy In Love co-star about a dialog she had with Baby at a current party.

“I assume you be letting too many rap n-ggas be in your face,” Blueface stated as a dig at Chrisean when the theme of them probably breaking up got here up in conversation.

The 26-year-old then quizzed his female friend about a photograph he has of a rapper all up in her face, which she verified used to be Lil Baby. Rock was once adamant their dialog was once “innocent” and they definitely spoke about “work,” however Blueface wasn’t buying it.

“[He (Lil Baby) informed me] I Got potential,” Chrisean said, to which Blueface replied: “Potential to what? F--k him?”

Rock persisted to strive to persuade her boyfriend that nothing took place between her and Lil Baby by means of describing their chat as an “empowerment conversation,” however the interrogation persisted.

“Y’all had an empowerment dialog at 5 a.m?” Blueface answered with a appear of disbelief on his face. “With him all up in your face like this? He rattling close to up in my face, cuz!”

He continued: “He wanna f--k me too? Cuh wanna f--k me? Any n-gga in your face is in my face … It makes no experience … It sounds crazy.”
Lil Baby isn’t the solely rapper who has rocked the boat in Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s already tumultuous relationship. Earlier this month, Blueface referred to as out Chrisean by using textual content over an image she had taken with Rick Ross at Super Bowl LVII.

“Could in no way be my b-tch,” Blueface wrote in the messages, the place shared on Twitter by way of Chrisean. “But I get it you knew to this sh-t fr so that typa shit excites you it’s virtually none incorrect with it I’m simply a one of a kind kind n-gga wit my bitch. That’s y I advised you lengthy time in the past you actually don’t prefer that spot.”

Rock pleaded her innocence in her textual content response, writing: “What he actually received a pic on foot previous idk why anybody trynna get a pic with me I’m no longer in his face he actually caught me off shield whilst I’m ready for my auto with zues n them. U being bizarre bro stfu. Like fr end speaking to me facet ways.

“U invited bitches tht jumped me to ya birthday n took pics n let them shake they -ss on u. I’m now not certain what f--k u preserve trynna act like. Stop speaking to me like u dum as f--k.”

She persevered to fireplace returned at Blueface in her tweet, writing: “Im at the Super Bowl jogging into ppl now not even making an attempt to set off u or appear like a bizarre bitch. Im definitely dat well-known ppl go out they for a pic. 

It’s adequate for u to invite u Airbb n fu-k on b-tches simply sit back n center of attention on making cash quit da evil shit cease fr.”


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