Tattoo Shop Announces It Will Remove Kanye West-Inspired Tattoos For Free

Luis Suela

Tattoo Shop Announces It Will Remove Kanye West Inspired Tattoos For Free

It seems that it's not just some famous people who are not happy with some of the rapper Ye's actions, there are also fans who are angry at the same actions. Kanye West now known as Ye has not had an easy time these last few weeks, everything looks like a total disaster for Ye's image, all because he continues to speak openly about anti - Semitism and praise Adolf Hitler. With the entire world shocked, some people are taking action against the rapper. For example, a tattoo parlor in London is removing tattoos made in honor of the artist for free. 

Kanye West's tattoo removal initiative has reportedly received "global interest and a great response," NAAMA CEO Briony Garbett said in an interview with CNN. According to the NAAMA website, the process involves using intense pulses of light to break down the tattoo ink, which is eventually eliminated by the immune system.

 Garnet commented on Why Take the Tattoo Removal Action stating "When you have an inspirational tattoo by someone you look up to and they start making headlines for the wrong reasons, it's not exactly something you want to wear on the sleeve that you are or were." a fan", he added that "It seems that there are some former fans who regret the tattoo".

 So far, three clients have already begun laser removal of their Kanye West tattoos, and another 10 have scheduled appointments. However, it is worth remembering that also due to his lines, the rapper had his Twitter account suspended again for "incitement to violence". 

This time, the decision came from Elon Musk himself, who had bought the social network and given permission for the musician to recover the profile. Elon announced the suspension after the rapper published a photo of a Nazi swastika fused with the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism. “I did the best I could. Despite this, he again broke our rule against inciting violence. The account will be suspended,” wrote the businessman. 

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