Mother Who Tattooed The Blue And Purple Eyes To Copy An Influencer Admits That She Is Losing Her Vision And She Could Be Blind

Luis Suela

The Mother Says She Is Losing Her Vision After Having The Tattoo And Regrets For Not Listening To Her Daughter

The mother admitted that she regrets not listening to her seven-year-old when he warned her about getting a tattoo, as now she is losing her vision.

Anaya Peterson, a law student, was inspired by Australian model Amber Luke, who caught her blue eye in 2019. Although she was temporarily blinded for three weeks, Luke used her experience to inspire others.

Anaya, a 32-year-old woman from Belfast, is currently hospitalized due to an ocular change that is likely caused by the use of globe ink. She is facing permanent blindness as a result.

The mum who also has a tongue split and facial tattoos tells us that she wishes she had done things differently because now she has two different-colored eyes. She got her right eyeball tattooed blue in July 2020 and her left eye dyed purple in December of that year. Despite dealing with headaches and dry eyes as 'part of the healing process, she decided to get her third eye tattooed in September 2021.

After months of no issues, Anaya was shocked in August last year to wake up with swollen eyelids and a look of extreme air pressure on her face.

After getting prescribed antibiotics, Anaya's inflammation continued to worsen and she decided to go to the hospital's A&E ward. The swelling was so severe that it didn't seem like the antibiotics were doing anything to help.

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