Dj Khaled Cuts Hair In The Middle Of The Desert

Luis Suela

Dj Khaled Cuts Hair In The Middle Of The Desert

After thanking Drake for the gifts he sent him, Khaled was off to Saudi Arabia to complete another publicity stunt: getting a haircut in the middle of the desert. DJ Khaled is a master of publicity stunts. He has shown the world that he can do anything he wants, and his fans love him for it.

This Saudi Arabian haircut is just weeks after the producer posted clips of himself playing basketball. The session ended with a less-than-stellar dunk attempt.

Khaled's incredible athleticism is on full display in his Instagram Story videos. In one, he sprints to the hoop and makes a spectacular dunk. However, as soon as he takes flight, we can see that his pants have slid down to reveal a rather embarrassing case of a plumber's crack.

Fans were quick to take screenshots of the video, capturing the 'perfect' moments of the dunk. Twitter users quickly came flooding in with comments and memes regarding the unfortunate moment.

Many people responded with humor and goodwill, but there were also a few negative comments. Regardless of why they felt the need to attack Khaled, his successful dunk was what really mattered;

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