Kanye West Warns Justin Bieber To Get His Wife Before He Beats Her

Luis Suela

Kanye West Warns Justin Bieber To Get His Wife Before He Gets Mad

The controversies in the lives of the famous don't stop, much less when it comes to Kanye west, The rapper is always involved in controversies lately. Last Wednesday night Kanye West kept up his latest wave of Instagram posts, wrapping up an extended missive by throwing a stray on John Legend and telling Justin Bieber to "get your girl before I get mad." Kanye was told Hailey Bieber and then a warning to Justin Bieber after the pop star's wife of 25 years defended Gabriella Karefa-Johnson after West's attack on Vogue's global fashion editor;

Overall, Bieber wrote on his IG Stories: “My respect for you runs deep my friend! knowing you is adoring you and working with you is an honor. the kindest. the most talented. the funniest. the most chic.” Kanye west in turn uploaded a screenshot of a headline that read "Hailey Bieber joins Gigi Hadid in defense of Gabriella Karefa-Johnson after criticism from Kanye West." In his caps-lock caption, he sarcastically asked, “Wait, did I cancel again??? Justin, please let me know.” A few hours later, amid a series of posts defending his “White Lives Matter” T-shirt and his alleged “paradigm shift,” Kanye wrote: “I want everyone to know that there was fashion this week too.

There was a major thing called Fashion Week that actually lasted a month and there were some really well made overpriced clothes being shown. It wasn’t just about my paradigm shift shirt.” Ye continued, "I'm kidding. My shirt shits at everyone's shows," continued the former 38-8-year-old, now imbued with 45 years of wisdom and maturity. hire anyone who works for me, remember my shirt got all the attention.

Beuase [sic] you are all programmed sheep. Aaaaaaa and those boots Gab was wearing were traaaaaaaaaaas. Your caption for all this? "God is love." OK. West arrested Bella Hadid, 25, immediately afterwards – having already come after Gigi Hadid, 27, who called him a “bully and a joke” – with a post showing the former receiving a spray-on dress that generated headlines. superimposing a “White Lives Matter” meme over it.

 He wrote next to it: "Oh, and I made a t-shirt dress sooooo good artist borrowed great artist steeeeal I'm the Louvre". The uploads nestled alongside those included praise for the British tabloid Daily Mail being "really fair and positive... Ye even commented that he's used to attacks from Hollywood actors, so getting support to keep me going is amazing." All of this was preceded by another photo of the White Lives Matter T-shirt and the proclamation: “Here’s my last answer when people ask me why I made a T-shirt that says white lives matter…


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