Justin Bieber Is No Longer Friends With Kanye West After He Attacked His Wife

Luis Suela

Justin Bieber Was "Bummed" When He Saw Kanye West Criticize His Wife Hailey On Instagram

Kanye West's campaign slogan, "White Lives Matter," has been in the news a lot lately. This slogan is problematic because it implicitly supports the idea that white people are superior to other races. Many observers have noticed that the rapper is very aggressive when it comes to his political beliefs. 

Hailey Bieber openly supported Gabriella-Karefa Johnson, an editor at Vogue, who spoke out against Justin Bieber's "White Lives Matter" shirt. Johnson criticized Bieber for using the slogan to promote white supremacy and racism. Justin recently expressed that he is very unhappy that Kanye targeted his wife on Instagram. 

After Kanye West attacked Justin Bieber's wife Hailey, Bieber believes West has gone too far. It was reported that both Justin and Hailey were hurt by what West said, as they were there for the rapper during a difficult time in 2020. 

Justin has always been supportive and sensitive to Kanye's issues, but this time he will take a step back and support his wife. There has been a lot of anger and criticism directed at Kanye West lately, and it's unclear if this behavior will ultimately have negative consequences.

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