Jada Pinkett Smith Describes Kissing Tupac As 'disgusting'

Luis Suela

Jada Pinkett Smith K!ssing Tupac Could Be "Disgusting"

 The industry has many secrets that are hidden by lovers of good news, but that doesn't fail to escape when the secrets are revealed, Months ago it was revealed that Tupac made a tribute to Jada Pinkett, before her death, An interview made with Jada Pinkett smith reveals pretty much everything in a detailed way about her relationship with the Rapper; the interviewer didn't hesitate to ask deeper questions about her relationship with the rapper, "How come you weren't attracted to Tupac?"

"At the Baltimore School of the Arts, I met Tupac. Pinkett Smith noted that although the West Coast musician was certainly charismatic, he was also destitute and apparently only owned two pairs of slacks and two sweaters when she first met him. "We went to high school together," she added.

The 51-year-old supported the rumours when Stern queried Pac about whether or not he was as "gangsta as we all imagined he was." He led a revolution without leading one. Such energy simply transferred to something else, she said.

Pinkett Smith said, "It's so hilarious," when the interviewer questioned whether she believed rapper Tupac was in love with her as a result of the lovely poetry he had written in her honour. Being older, I can better comprehend how things were between us.

When two young people have intense feelings for each other yet lack chemistry physically, like in our case. It wasn't just for me, either. He was there, too.

The Red Table Talk interviewer admitted that she had requested a kiss from Tupac just to see what would happen. The kiss had to have been the most disgusting thing for both of us, she conceded.


Stern speculates that their "platonic" connection may be to blame for the lack of sex, while Pinkett Smith gave a more esoteric explanation.

The Baltimore native said, "The only way I can explain it is that the 'Higher Power' just didn't want it." "Pac and I were so in love and so completely in love that I feel like if we had any kind of sexual chemistry, we could have murdered each other."

Pinkett Smith stated in the same interview that she didn't feel bad about not getting along with 2Pac at the time of her passing since she knew he knew she loved him. 


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