Chris Brown Teases 'Under Influence' Video Trailer

Luis Suela

Chris Brown Teases Fans With Magnificent Trailer For The Song "Under Influence"

 Chris Brown is helping to boost the success of his sleeper hit song "Under the Influence." He has announced that an official video for the song is underway. This will give the song even more exposure and help it reach even more fans. On Wednesday evening, Brown released a 20-second teaser for the official video. The woman in the video says that addiction has altered your mind and changed how you think and feel. A montage of scenes from the video is shown to support her point.

The rapid growth of streams for Brown's 2019 track, "I Can't Take It," is likely a result of its release as an official video. This week, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified "Under the Influence" platinum for selling more than one million equivalent copies. As is apparent from the chart, "Under the Influence" has been doing well in the charts. 

The Kiddo-produced track is ranked No. Number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at the time of publication. Last month, the song debuted on the same chart as No. 1. In order to understand a text, it is important to first identify the author's purpose. Once the author's purpose is understood, one can then evaluate the text based on that purpose. 

Understanding the author's purpose is essential when analyzing a text. Once the author's purpose is known, one can then evaluate the text based on that purpose. This evaluation can take into account the text's content, style, and overall effectiveness. On Apple Music, "Under the Influence" is not a popular song. The global chart, which ranks the most-played songs around the world on a daily basis, has 2 songs on its Top 100. That song topped the chart last month.

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