Cardi B And JT Take Offense On Twitter Violently And Calls Cardi A Wiener Dog

Luis Suela

Cardi B and JT take offense on Twitter violently and calls Cardi a Wiener dog;

It seems Rapper Cardi B likes to get into fights on social media and she's been heavy on steaks Lately twitter has been on fire, a week after bickering with Akbar V on social media, Cardi B has a new Twitter rivalry with JT According to reports, it apparently all started after JT congratulated GloRilla on the success of her “Tomorrow” remix, which features Cardi. However, she did not congratulate Cardi in her tweet. Cardi is not to be liked for the fact that she wasn't congratulated as well and soon appeared to shadow JT tweeting "Lapdog" and "Go fetch", a possible reference to JT's friendship with Nicki Minaj. JT is also featured on Queen Mix for Nicki's single "Super Freaky Girl".

And it all didn't stop there, because in a way the rivalry between the two started right after this tweet by Rapper Cardi B against JT and as expected even a response from JT against Cardi B JT responded by apparently taking his own shots at Cardi. "I hope you don't think you're not a BULLY!!!" she tweeted before calling her "sausage dog".

After all the subliminal tweets, JT soon addressed Cardi directly and accused her of having no "real talent". “Cardi, you're going to get some real talent! We're texting why did you come back here to do a show for these CHILDREN?” asked J.T. Then Cardi B also didn't leave JT's comment blank and she responded, accusing JT of using a ghostwriter. “You and I had a woman-to-woman direct message, but YOU post about it on your timeline and disparage me by calling me a bully and a sausage. Why are you acting so foolish? And YOU are bringing up a talent? haha! Did you forget that P used his writer to try to dupe me? JT unmistakably defended himself against the authoring allegations.

You obviously don't have any hooks for our sound, are you listening? QUESTION ANY WRITER! I create my own crap! As you are aware. When comparing "Twerk" to other City Girls YouTube videos, Cardi also provided statistics. She attacked JT for his lack of hits, calling him "prison pants" and calling her that.




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