Tory Lanez To Be Criminally Investigated For Assaulting August Alsina

Luis Suela

Tory Lanez Is Involved In Yet Another Mess

The big story that is taking over the internet within Hip Hop today in the US is the incident involving Tory Lanez and August Alsina. According to a post published by Alsina, after rejecting Lanez's handshake, the Canadian artist later attacked him, causing some injuries. Alsina was shown to have a bruised lip, as well as cuts on her arm and knee. After the subject went viral, Tory took to social media to say she had no idea what was going on, denying being involved in any fights. 
Although she denied it, a video shows what would have triggered the aggression. In the video, we can see Alsina ignoring a handshake from the rapper and walking past without any kind of contact, moments later the aggression would have happened, but the videos don't show this moment.
 Pitchfork reports that this could spell a lot of new trouble for the Canadian rapper. The outlet stated that they received a statement from the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and that could add to the legal troubles the rapper is already involved in
"We are aware of the allegations that the defendants attacked the artist Augusto Alsina and  are investigating these allegations," the statement said.

"The allegations are serious and will be closely scrutinized," they wrote in the publication. That means prosecutors are looking into the case and Tory Lanez could be criminally investigated for more of this mess. 
 The rapper is already facing charges, including criminal assault in the 2020 shooting, where Megan Thee Stallion accuses the rapper of shooting her in the foot. Tory had to post a $350,000 bond to be released after he violated a restraining order linked to the case. 
The rapper had been banned from contacting or coming within 100 meters of Megan Thee Stallion, but the two performed at the same festival, causing the artist to violate the restraining order. 
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