Suspect Of Killing Rapper Pnb Rock Is Arrested, Is Only 17 Years Old And Had His Father As An Accomplice

Luis Suela

Pnb Rock Was Shot To Death On September 12 And Since Then An Intense Investigation Has Been Underway To Find The Suspects.

Midway through September, PnB Rock, a rapper from Philadelphia best known for his 2016 single "Selfish," was shot and killed during a heist at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles. The renowned restaurant on Main Street and Manchester Avenue was the scene of a shooting around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, according to Los Angeles Police Chief Kelly Muniz, who declined to identify the victim.

A Rolling Stone reporter spoke with the bouncer who was observed giving PnB Rock first aid after he was wounded at the House of Chicken 'N Waffles about the moment he realised the rapper was dying. Rock refused to control his respiration, despite his best efforts. He stated, "I did what anyone, I hope, would do for me." 

"I was encouraging him to manage his breathing and to be calm. No matter what you think you saw, keep your breathing under control. Her breathing subsequently became erratic. It descended to the base. I believe he has left. He simply departed.

According to recent intelligence, the rapper's murder suspect has now been detained. The fact that the young man, who is only 17 years old, had his father on his side as an accomplice, surprised everyone the most. A recent story claims that he killed the victim along with his father, who served as their getaway driver. It was also said that when rapper PnB Rock and his girlfriend arrived at the location, they were already parked in the restaurant's parking lot.

The theories that Rock's murder was premeditated were accurate, in case this actually proves it. According to TMZ, the rapper's death probe is now spanning many states since authorities believe their previous altercations may have contributed to his passing.

Investigators are looking into how their battles in other places, such Philadelphia and Atlanta, where he spent a substantial amount of time, may have played a part. LAPD officials said the probe is "going in numerous directions concurrently" at this moment. cause him to die.

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