Nelly Says He's Responsible For The Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker's Success And The Model's Price Increase

Luis Suela

Nelly Has Suggested That He Is Partially Responsible For The Nike Air Force 1's Price Increase In The Early 2000s.

In an interview with Complex's Sneaker Shopping, Nelly talked about some of her favorite sneakers. Among them is Nike's Air Force 1,  long believed to have been revived  thanks to  St. Louis' Air Force One. The "Ride Wit Me" rapper didn't dispute the theory, revealing that Nike thanked him for promoting the brand early in his career. Later, "Let me tell you something... whoever got a Nike shoe store, we've had a lot of eyes on Nike, so I'm grateful now.
 "At the time, they didn't do it. They were basically like, 'We're going to win anyway.' said the artist. "Um, did you give me some models? Yes, they gave me some for the tour. They gave me some sponsorships for the tour. One of our tours. Well, because there was a big Air Force 1 circling around the stadium, and that  was really cool.
I was rooting for you, but didn't you know that it was for a limited time? "But when he started with the Air Force 1, he was $59.99, and eight months later, when he made the song, he was $100,"  the artist concludes, noting the increased value of the model.

 Admitted. When his Nike Air Force 1 was first produced in 1982, Nelly has long claimed he was an icon in his pop culture, responsible for  the shoe's popularity. A$AP Rocky debunked that theory in his 2015, saying he made the shoes cool.
Despite the backlash he inevitably received from Nelly's fans, Rocky reiterated his stance in a 2021 GQ interview. , especially Air Force 1 was dead.” Rocky replied, “But it was a Harlem thing, so we brought him back. I think it was one of the good shit I was the first motherfucker to use an Air Force 1 in 2010, 2011, 2012.
Rocky's comments reached Nelly, and the hitmaker retaliated by stopping by The Breakfast Club, making some of the same allegations he made with sneaker shopping. We weren't, and we weren't the first to discover  Air Force 1. "But when you say 'made her famous,' Air Force 1 was more of the East Coast of New York. 
You have to understand that in the south we didn't deploy air force 1s it wasn't common on the west coast until we did what we did air force 1's starting at $59.99 a year $100," he continued, adding, "In the  same year that I made  music, shot videos, went on tour... I don't know. or  if you have any questions, just ask Nike. 
They sponsored our entire tour this year. 
At every show there was a giant Air Force 1 that flew from the back of the stadium to the front of the stage.” 715,000  sold. 
This project  eventually earned him six-time platinum certification by the RIAA and became his 14th best-selling rap album of all time. 

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