NBA Player Kevin Durant Is Being Accused Of Fathering A Child To A P*rn Star Lana Rhoades

Luis Suela

Fans claim Kevin Durant must be the baby's father

The controversy doesn't seem to be over yet, fans so far report that Kevin Durant is the child's father on TikTok; weeks ago Lana posted a video on her Instagram where she was talking about NBA basketball players, criticizing them for not taking care of the child;

The video specifically did not give any correct information about it, only the actress criticized NBA players for not taking care of her child; All this led to a deeper reflection from fans for having said and believe that the baby's father is Kevin Durant;

The rumor still circulates in the media but we have no information about Kevin, after being accused of being the father of the child; We also know that the two have already dated together, as Lana had shared that she was with a basketball player who literally was Kevin; However, there were reports that the meeting did not end so well that the two had to part, but with this information the fans claim that it is the NBA player;

However, Lana Rhodes in the same video says in her caption “I swear to God I thought NBA players were nice guys. then she said "I'm pregnant" And then "he told me to F"

But we know that she had not only with Kevin but also with Blake Griffin, now we don't know who the father of the child is, both of them may know;


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