Kodak Black Pays 28 Families Rent And Prevents Them From Being Evicted In Their Hometown

Luis Suela

Kodak Black Expressed His Commitment To Helping People And Giving Back To His Community In Regards To His Philanthropic Effort.

Families in West Palm Beach, Florida, received support from Kodak Black and his Zachariah McQueen Foundation. The Merry Place Housing Projects' 28 households received rent assistance from the 25-year-old artist. Black paid the remaining 2022 rent as well as any unpaid late fees. 

People "should be able to return home and relax without worrying about having a roof over their heads next month when they wake up and go to work every day," Kodak stated in a press release.

"Unfortunately, in our society, people seldom ever receive pay raises at work while being abruptly informed that their rent will increase by over $1,000. This is simply wrong. I am very lucky, he said, and I have always believed that my purpose is to assist people.

So I'll keep blessing people and giving back to my community as long as I can. A month after giving Haitian families $50,000 worth of water, Kodak Black assisted folks in his home state of Florida. While out on bond, the rapper from Atlantic Records donated to charity. He was detained in July on charges of possessing a prohibited drug and trafficking oxycodone.


In related news, Kodak Black explained why he admires Kendrick Lamar so much and noted similarities to the rapper. Kodak said to Speedy Morman, "Me and Kendrick, we have a lot of minor stuff that average people probably don't understand.

The rapper said, "Both of us, we Geminis, we're both Hebrew Israelites," indicating that Lamar sees him outside of social media posts. "He views me differently than I do. He is not a liar; we carry out his instructions when he promises. I've got a lot of love for that boy. 

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