Kanye West Puts Photo Of Kris Jenner As Profile Picture On His Instagram

Luis Suela

Kanye West Is Not On Good Terms With His “ex-mother-in-law” Kris Jenner.

 Kanye West is relentless in his criticism of Kris Jenner, sometimes more forcefully and other times with veiled insults. Ye had viewed Jenner as his mother-in-law, but after his breakup with Kim Kardashian became public, the rapper was blunt about Jenner's damaging impact on the Kardashian clan.

West has made it obvious in prior social media addresses that he and the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family are at odds. More recently, Jenner reportedly asked that the businessman not bring her up in his articles after hearing her name mentioned.

He appears to have complied with that request and turned his attention to his Instagram account. Ye used a photo of Kendall Jenner as her profile image there, which, while it doesn't violate any regulations, might nevertheless annoy some people.

Ray J has been working on this for weeks in an effort to defend his name, so he's not the only one who has Jenner on his radar. The artist claims that Jenner spearheaded an effort to defame him in relation to the sextape he published with Kim in the past. Ray has long maintained that Jenner was the one who arranged the leak of the tape and that he had nothing to do with it.

However, Jenner recently took part in a polygraph test for a late-night talk show when she was asked whether she had ever used sextape. She claimed innocence, and the test supposedly showed that she was telling the truth. Ray J responded by providing proof, including contracts that were signed. 

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