Kanye West Is Planning To 'sell' Clothes For Free

Luis Suela

In An Interview With Forbes, Kanye West Revealed That He Plans To Make Clothes For Free.

Following the dissolution of his 10-year partnership with Gap, Kanye West reiterated his desire to produce affordable apparel and revealed the target price for his new YZY SHDZ eyewear. “When it is sold in the United States, it will be made in America, and when it is sold in China, it will be made in China,” he said. “So the glasses will be $20, and everything at the Ye Supply store will be $20. And we're working on how to make clothes for free. Because life is free.” he said. 

Ye continued, “It is our responsibility and pleasure to make these dreams a reality, simplify things and provide more space for people to imagine, [not] restricting or reinforcing ideas.” Looks like Kanye has a big job ahead of him making YEEZY clothes for free. But this confirms his inspiration from homeless people as inspiration to produce his clothes. 

Returning to YZY SHDZ, the piece made its public debut as part of a preview of an upcoming Yeezy Gap collection, and with the announcement of the end of its partnership with the company, it was revealed that Gap still had the right to sell any product. created by collab with Kanye. It's unclear if YZY SHDZ will arrive as part of this collaboration with Gap or if Ye will take the design as part of her plans for an independent fashion venture. 

This isn't the first time Ye has expressed her intention to sell products at prices as low as $20 or even for free. In a recent interview with CNBC, as noted by Fortune, he revealed that he wanted some pieces to retail at a low price. When his most recent collection with the Gap debuted, prices ranged from $60 to more than $300. “Our schedule wasn't aligned,” he said.

 In 2020, he also suggested that the Yeezy Foam Runner, which was produced with his shoe partner Adidas, would sell for $20. Elsewhere in her Forbes chat, Ye addressed her future with Adidas, with whom her relationship has soured lately. 

“This is where Adidas and I are… There is a possibility that [we] could co-sell the products that we make, but not in a way that I can't say about the colors and where they're treating me like I'm dead.”

Discovered. “And when you look at the bags in the world's number one store in Times Square, it's a prime location in the world that any company that does business would want to do business. I did.” I spoke with the brand manager. They looked at me as if I was mute. ” 

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