Elton John Admitted That Michael Jackson Was A Disturbing Person To Be Around

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 Elton John Shared His Experience With The Late Michael Jackson And Said The Artist "Was A Disturbing Person To Be Around.

The "King of Pop," who passed tragically in 2009 at the age of 50, was the subject of the disclosure made by the "Rocketman" hitmaker, 75, in his "memoir Me."

Jackson was accused of s*xually abusing children on numerous occasions, and Elton described him as mentally sick and "an upsetting person to be around." The performer said that Jackson was an entirely different guy when they first met when he was a little child. In his autobiography, Elton John was frank regarding Michael Jackson; 

Elton stated, "I had known Michael since he was 13 or 14 years old. "He was the most adorable boy you could ever hope to meet. However, like Elvis Presley, he eventually started to distance himself from reality and the outside world over the course of the following few years."

The musician explained what he believed was the cause of Jackson's character transformation and conjectured that it was brought on by his prescription dr*g addiction.

Every time I met him in his later years, I left thinking the poor guy had gone insane, says Elton. "God knows what was going on in his head, and God knows what drugs he was being shot with," he continues.


"I'm not saying it in a jokey way. He was truly mentally ill, making him uncomfortable to be around. Following the 2019 premiere of the documentary series Leaving Neverland, which examined the singer's claimed history of s*xual abuse, Elton spoke on Jackson's apparent mental health.

Elton didn't address the accusations directly, but he did mention that Jackson appeared to enjoy the company of kids more than that of adults. "For some reason, he couldn't handle adults," he wrote.

Elton talked about the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II in the memoirs as well, so Jackson wasn't the only famous person he confided in.Elton confirmed that the late monarch had a great sense of humour, as numerous reports of her had shown. The Queen can be entertaining in private, he observed, "even though her public persona isn't precisely one of wild frivolity."


Princess Diana, according to the artist, was the princess of the people as well and was "gifted with amazing social ease, an ability to make people feel absolutely at ease in her company," he continued.Wherever you like to buy your books, I'm accessible.

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