Drake Feels Ashamed To Have Child With P*rn Actress

Luis Suela


Drake felt ashamed of having a child with a Ad*lt actress with whom he only met twice until delivery;

Musician Drake felt ashamed of having had a child with former French p**n actress Sophie Brussaux, with whom he had only met twice before the child was born.

The information was revealed by sources close to the musician in a statement to the British newspaper Daily Mirror.

Baptized Adonis, the boy is 4 years old and drew attention because of his curly blond hair. Today at 32, Brussaux left the Ad*lt industry and now works as an art director.

Although Drake's son was born in 2017, the first rumors about his existence were reported with the release of the song 'The Story of Adidon', by rapper Pusha T, a tease about his rival's previously undisclosed son.

The song's lyrics read: “You are hiding a child, let the boy go home (...) Adonis is your child. Love the child, respect the woman. Forget she's a p**n star, let her into her world.”

Drake even denied paternity of Adonis and required three DNA tests to confirm that he is indeed the father. He and his advisers even accused Brussaux of having a “questionable past” and of lying.

However, Drake revealed the child's existence to the world in 2018 when he released the song 'March 14', with the lyrics stating, "I'm not hiding my son from the world, I'm hiding the world from my son"


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