Chris Brown Reveals New Music Video For "Under The Influence"

Luis Suela

Chris Brown Is Preparing The New Music Video For "Under The Influence"

Chris Brown doesn't stop surprising his fans, and apparently always catches his fans when they least expect it, the singer made a post on his official instagram network this morning and left fans excited by announcing that "Under The Influence" is coming soon. . When we think that the era of “Under The Influence” music is over when the singer released his recent video clip this year, and then we are taken by surprise again, when the hit is blown, there's no way to surrender! Chris Brown just announced new music video for a 2019 song and riding on the hype.

The song 'Under The Influence' released on the extended version of the Indigo album, went viral three years after its release (2019), entering the top 5 of Chris Brown's most popular songs on Spotify last year with over 90 million plays. 

The song “The Under Influence” became one of the songs from her indigo album that continues to pop up until now, it had a gas on digital platforms after choreographer Nicole Kirkland and her dancers made a video with a choreography that caught a lot of attention from the world. audience, where Chris Brown made a cameo.

In addition to being popular mostly on the TikTok app, “Under The Influence has had millions of plays on Spotify and is at #13 on the Global Top. Chris Brown took to his Instagram to say that we will have a clip soon. Are you ready for this new release that will break the internet?
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