August Alsina Claims Tory Lanez Beat Him Up For Not Shaking His Hand

Luis Suela

August Alsina Reveals He Was Beaten By Tory Lanez For Not Shaking His Hand

It all started on Last Sunday where rumors emerged that Tory Lanez and August Alsina would have fought, after certain investigations it was proved that Tory Lanez hit August Alsina for not having shaken his hand, these evidences were proven in thejasminebrand, where he reported the true happening of things; We don't know why it got this far;
However, August Alsina took to social media, confirmed the situation and told his side of the story and posted a picture of him with a bloodied mouth and explained how the fight happened. “As I was leaving the building after the show last night, a goblin ran me over with 8 huge security brothers,” the artist wrote. He then claimed that despite being completely alone, he greeted everyone as they tried to "pressure" him.

 Tory was upset because he didn't greet him. He explained to Tory that he was a fan of his until he spoke publicly about his business. “I thought he didn't like me, that's all,”
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