Akon Explains Why He Defended And Wanted To Manage 6ix9ine's Career After Rapper Gets Out of Prison

Luis Suela

Akon mentioned the case Young Thug and Gunna are facing

Talking about when he wanted to mentor 6ix9ine early in his career, Akon believes rappers shouldn't be called "snitches." I want to be surrounded by positive things," the singer said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX.When you look at hip hop today and how it glorifies violence and how it glorifies gangs and  gangs, sadly the people who are really interested are these kids You will find that you are teaching and giving opportunities to understand. 

It's not video games they're talking about," he continued, adding, "These kids shoot real guns, real bullets, and once they fall, there's no turning back. I remember Best of Akon: Remember the Senegalese rapper's song? Or is it just talk and all that matters is reputation? Your reputation shouldn't ruin your career.” Although it was detrimental to his career, Akon said he did his best to help the rapper keep up with New.York saw the value and said no.

It wasn't the right way, so follow the "rules of the road". "I told him  your family will always be the most important thing in your life. I don't care what the street tells you," Akon said. If the must is what you do.It has nothing to do with being a gangster.It is about being a man and taking on the responsibilities that come with it.You have to take one for your family If you take one for your family, but if you can save your family, save it.Your family".

 He added: "There are no road laws today because no one does it for road laws. It's not like when I came. There are real rules that real people follow, If you didn't follow it, there were consequences, today there is no repercussions, so what is the code, this code means shit. So save your family.

Man, listen, because at the end of the day, your integrity defines who you are as a man. Discussing 6ix9ine's reputation as a "snitch," the singer simply said, "He's a boy," pointing to ongoing rumors. The case of Young Thug and YSL. "This friend is a kid! So you're saying you're going to get all the gangsters in the world to trust him by exposing the group?" Aker said. 

See what's going on, no need to name names, but they're the same motherfuckers who are after him. These prisoners are doing exactly the  same as him, why? Because family is her number one priority right now," he added.

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