Adidas And Gap Launch Restrictions On Kanye West's Yeezy Brand

Luis Suela

 Adidas and Gap teamed up against Kanye.

Kanye West is in a long battle with Gap and Adidas. The rapper revealed last week that he had ended his partnership with GAP, but the company announced this Wednesday (21) that it will be releasing his new YZZY GAP collection in the next few days, but that's it. not. The brand has partnered with Adidas to issue a series of restrictions on Kanye West's brand his YEEZY. After the rapper hinted at moving forward with YEEZY without corporate help, it seems the brand has hit back.

According to a document shared on the rapper's Instagram titled "Overview of restrictions on YEEZY's self-employed activities," Kanye plans to release products similar to those he's already made with the two brands, or even compete. It is strictly prohibited to develop new products with The restriction notice, which applies to YEEZY's licensing and endorsement agreement with adidas and its strategic agreement with GAP, opens with the following message: 
"Neither YEEZY nor Kanye West may use, wear, sponsor, promote, market , advertise, endorse, design, manufacture, license, sell, or provide consulting services with respect to any of the following products under the YEEZY trademarks, or Kanye likeness, or any other attribute, feature, or indication identifiable with Ye.”

 Subsequently, the document lists YEEZY's entire catalog, including footwear, streetwear, accessories and effectively everything the brand does. In other words, Kanye and Yeezy cannot 'copy or resemble the designs used for Yeezy by Adidas or Yeezy by Gap products'.

  Last week, Ye's lawyers sent an open letter to GAP, notifying the company that YEEZY was ending its partnership because GAP was not opening YEEZY retail stores or releasing clothing as planned. The letter noted that GAP would still be able to sell existing YEEZY Gap apparel, although no new collaborations were created. Evidently though, Ye's contracts with GAP and adidas are standing in the way of his plans to make YEEZY a standalone design brand.  
Some of the main reasons given in the letter that led to the sudden dismissal were that Gap had not opened stores and released clothing as promised.By July 31, 2023 We needed to open 5 retail stores, but the Yeezy Gap store has yet to open.
 He also said that his 40% of Yeezy Gap products should eventually be sold in stores. 2021. Only one item from his collection was released last fall and  was only available online, not in stores. A blocking letter  sent to Kanye in response to the end of the partnership could pose a problem for the singer.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Yeh expressed his intention to work "alone" with his clothing line.' he is fine I brought money to the company. Business brought me money. We create ideas that  change clothes forever. ”

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