Kim Kardashian Says She Plans To Date A Doctor, Scientist, Biochemist Or Lawyer In Her Next Relationship

Luis Suela

Kim Kardashian is looking for love in unlikely places after breaking up with Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday and opened up about her dating plans after splitting from Pete Davidson last month. Are you on a dating app?" Corden asked. "How does Kim Kardashian date?"

"He just doesn't look, so he doesn't really think about it," Kim Kardashian replied. "I just want to relax a little bit. I think it takes time, focus, college, everything, but I think the next route is to go somewhere else. Obviously what I'm doing. I don't know. Maybe a hospital and a doctor's visit. A law firm... maybe that's what I envision for the future," said Kim Kardashian.
The Kardashian star, who split from Pete Davidson in August, confided in James Corden about her next boyfriend. "Maybe that's what I'm envisioning for the future." Corden agreed, adding, "I like having her heart, 'Kim Kardashian visits NASA.' When I saw a paparazzi photo that said, "Oh, she's back." he joked.

Pete Davidson's name has recently returned to the papers after the former Saturday Night Live star wore an outfit eerily similar to artist DONDA's Met Gala outfit at the 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards. I was. Ex-girlfriend's ex-husband.

A source told Hollywood His Life on Sept. 14, 2022 about Kim's feelings about Pete Davidson's Emmys outfit. "Kim kardashian isn't sure if Pete Davidson was trying to send a subtle message to Kanye, but she thinks it was his sarcastic way of attacking Kanye. 

"But Kim Kardashian really wants nothing to do with her because she's had enough problems with all of this. She said Kanye wanted Pete to just sit back and let her attack." I know it doesn't deserve it, but I hope he's on the right track and isn't mean.As long as Pete understands where he's coming from, Kim knows it's really worth it. She just wants the best and wants him to leave it at that;
These are one of the questions admirers are asking regarding Kim Kardashian and her requirements for her upcoming relationship that are still pending, there is no detailed information about this but the questions below are what fans want an answer about;
Kim Kardashian lists her future boyfriend requirements?

Future boyfriend requirements?

Hollywood's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes?

Kim Kardashian's future boyfriend list?

Kim Kardashian's future boyfriend will have to be a doctor, scientist, biochemist, lawyer or a pro athlete?

Kim and Kanye are not on good terms?

Kim's not sure if she'll ever get married again?

If Kim were to date a rapper again it would be Kanye?

Kim Kanye divorce is official?

Kim's next boyfriend will not be a rapper?


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