6ix9ine Arrives In Russia And Gains New Enemies After Teasing Brittney Griner

Luis Suela

6ix9ine arrives in Russia and gains new enemies after teasing Brittney Griner The US government has given a restriction for US citizens not to travel to Russia, but apparently 6ix9ine did the opposite; 

6ix9ine has been causing a lot of controversy in the past few days after being seen in a club beating a Dj for not playing his music, and he appeared in a video saying that these rumors that are circulating saying he beat the Dj were a lie, but by deeds that rapper Tekashi had proved the opposite.

However, 6ix9ine was seen in Russia even though he knew that no citizen can set foot in Russia, the rapper didn't listen and went there to a concert event, which would take place in Moscow. 

However 6ix9ine appeared in a video teasing Brittney Griner, saying "Yo yo you know we're here... sh** is crazy" as he looked around the plaza. He then leans into the camera and says "F*** you Brittney Griner" before the cameraman says "I got the shirt for you buddy" before the video cuts.

After Russian officials discovered hash oil in Brittney Griner's luggage at an airport, she was eventually taken into custody and held there for more than six months. Due to drug accusations, she received a nine-year prison sentence.

Numerous public figures, elected officials, and civilians demanded her release. While Dennis Rodman and other well-known figures must travel to Russia to try to negotiate on her behalf, they have been cautioned not to accept offers from government representatives because of Russia's tumultuous political climate. 

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