Fat Joe Says He Ran Naked Down The Street When He First Smoked Weed

Luis Suela

 Fat Joe Talked About One Time He Smoked Pot, And Said He Got So High He Ended Up Running Down The Street N*ked.

To celebrate the opening day of the Roc Nation School of Music Sports & Entertainment on Tuesday (September 20), Fat Joe appeared as a guest speaker for the school's speaker series and told an illuminating story about the first time he stayed stoned at the behest of your friend. “So I'm at my apartment, I'm still in the Bronx, and she convinces me to get high,” recalls Joe.

“She said, 'Hey, let's smoke this weed, it's amazing...so I smoke it. I was so crazy I ran around the house n*ked, for real. In the middle of the night. I ran out of there, they call it a bad trip or something right? I ran out of there and the girl, she stopped at my car. I had a white Lexus and she's like, 'Joe, Joe, get in the car'... I was like, 'I'm going to die! I have to go to the hospital! I will die".

He continued: “So she convinced me to get in the car and said she was going to take me to the hospital, but we walked around the block and went back home. When we got there, we took a shower. I never wanted you to see Fat Joe running n*ked down the street!” Joe said that if he was smoking weed all the time, he wouldn't be able to make the tough decisions required in his line of work.

“If Fat Joe was on drugs, he would be broke and not be able to make certain decisions,” he said, before concluding that he plans to sell marijuana as soon as it becomes legal in New York anyway. Fat Joe was the last guest speaker to pass through the Roc Nation School, with Michael Rubin serving as the final semester guest speaker.

In related news, Fat Joe says PnB Rock's killer was cowardly in killing the rapper and defended the artist's girlfriend. Hip Hop has been debating what led to the tragic murder of GNP and opinions have varied. 

There are some who chose to attack PNB Rock's girlfriend, blaming her for her death because she shared that they were at a restaurant where the rapper was robbed, shot and killed. Others defended her, claiming that the gunmen are to blame for the tragedy, and no one else. 

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