Pete Davidson Becomes The Butt Of Jokes For Getting Tattoos Honoring Kim Kardashian

Luis Suela

Before their breakup, Pete Davidson, 28, tattooed the initials of Kim Kardashian's children on his neck and taped their courtship for the Kardashians reality programme on Hulu. According to E! News, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson called it quits on Friday. They began their high-profile relationship in October 2021, and after dating for nine months, they have decided to be "just friends," insiders tell E!

They are very fond of and respectful of one another, the person said. But they discovered that maintaining a relationship was extremely challenging due to their distance and busy lifestyles. According to the outlet, the breakup happened this week.

Despite reports that they might be reconciling, another insider stated that Kanye's divorce is proceeding. One of the sources told E! that "they are content parents." Pete had spent most of the American summer in Australia working on a movie, hence the distance.

Fans haven't forgotten Pete's continued commitment to their relationship, which is one thing. The comedian got multiple tattoos for her as a result of her over-the-top movements, including a collarbone tattoo that says "KNSCP" for his ex-girlfriend and each of their kids.

"And Pate tattooed Kim and her kids name on her neck, that's embarrassing," one fan said on Twitter. "Pete Davidson, after learning he's tattooed Kim Kardashian and her children's initials on his torso," another person wrote.

"And Pate tattooed Kim and her kids name on her neck, that's embarrassing," one fan said on Twitter. Another person captioned a picture of Netflix's Stranger Things' Will Byers crying, "Pete Davidson, after realising he's tattooed Kim Kardashian and her kids' initials on his body for no reason."

One more person commented, "Pete Davidson actually got a tattoo of Kim Kardashian and all her kids only to split up later.

Pete Davidson received the "May" tattoo, "My girl is a lawyer" and "Kim" brandings on his neck, along with the May tattoo. In honour of the day they first met when they shared a kiss in an SNL skit with a Disney theme, her fourth memorial tattoo features the words Jasmine and Aladdin. Yeah, On the Ellen DeGeneres show, Kim remarked, " Yeah, he's got some tattoos, some cute ones that he got. 

However, "Kim" is not a tattoo; rather, it is a brand since the artist wanted to create something incredibly unique.

I assume that's what tattoo artists do. They had tattoos done that depict the events in their lives.For the second season of Hulu's The Kardashians, which debuts next month, Pete also taped sequences with Kim; he can be seen in the teaser.

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