Kanye West Bullying Pete Davidson Got Comedian Into Therapy

Luis Suela
Because rapper Kanye West had been harassing Pete Davidson for months, he had to undergo trauma counselling. A source close to the former Saturday Night Live performer reportedly told People magazine that he is getting treatment for the attacks he endured while dating Kanye West's ex-wife Kim Kardashian. 
The insider claimed that "Pete" needed therapy because "the attention and hostility coming from Kanye and his actions is a trigger for [Pete]." "[Pete] wants to make it very obvious that she has supported him throughout their relationship and that he has no regrets about dating Kim. He just wants to concentrate on his career going forward."

Soon after she initially hosted SNL in October 2021, Davidson and Kardashian allegedly began dating. After dating for nearly nine months, the pair made the decision to break up last week. Their busy schedules were a contributing factor in their separation, according to a source. They both often travel, so it was challenging.

Kanye returned to Instagram shortly after the breakup was revealed with a newspaper post that read, "Skete Davidson dead at 28." (During the height of the harassment, Kanye gave the comic actor the moniker.) 

Using the same phoney newspaper, Kanye West also targeted his current foe Kid Cudi at the same time. The title, which made reference to Kid Cudi's appearance at the funeral, read, "Kid Cudi Intended to Play at Funeral, But Was Afraid of Bottles Thrown."

A reference to Kid Cudi's performance at Rolling Loud Miami, which was interrupted by a bottle being thrown at him, causing him to leave the stage and leave the stage.

For a while now, Kanye and Cudi have been at conflict. He blasted Kid Cudi over his friendship with Davidson in February before returning fire on the 28-year-old and claiming that he was having an affair with Hillary Clinton. But that was only the top of the iceberg. In the "Eazy" video, Kanye also buried Davidson alive after decapitating a claymation version of him. But Davidson "has no regrets," the insider told the station.

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