Mauritius Registers Three suspected cases Of Monkeypox


Mauritius Island registers three suspected cases of Monkeypox, making it the 8th country to register the spread of the disease in Africa. Mauritius Health Officials says the three people with Monkeypox infection suspicions are under observation as sample are to be sent to South Africa for confirmation. 

So far, there are almost 1400 Monkeypox cases with (1392 suspected and 44 confirmed) globally this year.  

The World Health Organization (WHO), has said Monkeypox is a self-limiting disease, meaning the risks of the disease is just moderate but it could become high, if this virus manages to establish itself as a human pathogen. 


The symptoms of Monkeypox infections starts with fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes, chills and exhaustion.  

Generally, this disease lasts for 2-4 weeks and the person infected with the virus can transfer it to a healthy individual even after a month of the infection. 

Tips to avoid the infectious disease:

  • Avoid eating monkey and bush meat as it can make it susceptible to the Monkeypox disease. 
  • Avoid unnecessary touching like handshakes or hugs to people with Monkeypox symptoms. 
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • When slaughtering an animal, avoid contact with the animal’s fluid. 
  • Get vaccinated. Although there is no known cure for Monkeypox yet, but smallpox vaccine has been reported to reduce the risk of infection. 


You can visit any W.H.O forum to get more details on Monkeypox infection. 


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