Monkeypox Case Confirmed In Massachusetts, Officials Say



Earlier on 19th May was sent a notice from the Massachusetts department of public health, there’s a patient in the commonwealth of Massachusetts who has been confirmed to have infection with monkeypox. That patient is currently hospitalized Massachusetts general hospital and is admitted to special pathogens program and currently he is in a stable condition. 


Monkeypox is a rare infection originally identified in the 1950’s in monkeys and then the first human case in 1970. Most of the cases have been reported really out of West Africa or Central Africa and the cases that have been reported outside of that area have been reported to be related to travel or to animals like rodents. 

There was an outbreak in the United States in 2003 involving many states and that was associated with prairie dogs. The last year there have been two cases in the United States in November and then in July, both of those were associated with travel. 


A lot of the clinical symptoms to really watch out for are situations in which patients can present food-like illness and other sort of very general fevers chills and an unexplained rash or lymphadenopathy, those are the more classic symptoms so really elevating knowledge about those and also the epidemiological risk factors in accordance with those, so thinking about travel to a country where cases have been identified or thinking about close contact with someone’s who’s been diagnosed with monkeypox or suspected to have monkeypox and then also men who have reported sexual contact with other men, those are the big three epidemiological risk factors.  


Officials say people should not be afraid of monkeypox right now as the current patient with the disease is of no public health risk right now and people should just be aware of symptoms but not be afraid in any way. 



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