Why Do Men Cheat?..7 Reasons Why Do Men Cheat


Why do men cheat? That is a big topic because there’s a lot of men that cheats, but why in the world do they do that? They have got great wives, good-looking, smart, intelligent, hardworking, creative and even good sex partners and they still cheat.

Before I start listing the 7 reasons, let me tell you this.. “IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF YOU”. He didn’t cheat because of you, he cheated because there was something broken or dysfunctional inside his own heart, his own life, and you happen to date or to marry him, and in the most of cases it starts off in early adulthood.

7 Reasons Why Do Men Cheat

1.      1 - SEX ADDICTION:

Sex addiction in masturbation, pornography, attaching to the object world reinforcing a fantasy state. So they desire a object sex relationship, not intimacy in connection inside the context of a marriage or committed relationship. That wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know that was going on. The guy cheated and he didn’t know that there were 25 years of masturbation and porn that led up to that thing. So now, is he still responsible all of this? Yes, Addiction doesn’t make you “not responsible”. 

2.      2 - HUNTERS:

Some guys cheat because they are hunters. They are looking for that low-esteem girl, who they can use and throw away as an object. You might think oh, he loves her or he wants to have her,NO, he just wants to hunt, find a prey, throw away and not deal with it again. That’s a hunter type, and that’s not going to make a lot of sense to you as a woman because most women don’t think that way.

3.      3 - HERO: 

The hero guy, well he wants to just go be a hero for somebody and rescue somebody so he can feel good bout himself. In the end he uses them sexually.

4.      4 - HURT & Wounded:

The hurt wounded men. This is the guy who complains about his wife or girlfriend how miserable he his, how is suffering and he draws the woman into rescue him. And as she gets drawn in as his solution, he tries to seduces the woman into sexuality.

5.      5- OPPORTUNIST:

This man will cheat with pretty much anyone they just have to be willing, so you find any kind of theme as to the people who he cheat with… They might be friends of yours, it might be people at work, people at the coffee shop, someone who gives an energy then he kind goes into it.


These are people who only wants to do prostitutes, and that’s usually for the reason so they don’t call the wife or girlfriend and get caught. He doesn’t have to love the person, he doesn’t have to commit to that person.

7.      7 - FETISH:

This is the person who has a particular fetish in their sexuality, usually created by pornography, fantasy or early experiences and they go outside the marriage to meet that fetish need. 

So I gave you the 7 reasons, sexual addiction, the hunters, the hero, the hurt, the opportunist, the professional and the fetish’s, and Let me tell you this again, it is not about you, it’s not about your sex, if you have been cheated on, you are not going to be the same if you don’t heal from it as quickly as possible.



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