How much money did “Turn Me On” generated?


Kevin Lyttle is an international artist and despite being Caribbean, Souca music is what he broke into the the stage with.His intention was to cross over soca music because he so much loved R&B, Reggae Dance all and all including souca music, but the thing is soca music was not getting that kind of fame he wanted it to, so by then he decided to try something else.

He then created a new formula in which he could put the R&B that he loves into soca music with a little bit of dancehall and the work resulted on what he is today. Kevin Lyttle broke a record with with “Turn Me On” obviously a classic record, it has sold about 6 million copies worldwide, and in the first week after the song was released just in the first week alone in the UK they have sold a million singles. In the U.S they did gold by then and sold about 500.000 copies, well in the first year “Turn Me On” was doing wonders already.
This particular song is a classic one, so far it has been almost 18 years since the music was released.


“They never sent me anything that says, okay you made some money”
In an interview in 2017 he made it clear that he never saw the money from the sells, all the money that he made from “Turn Me On” came from the shows. When questioned if he didn’t get the right percentages from the ATLANTA (Label), he mentioned that didn’t want to get into that argument. But how could that be possible?

They have sold about 6 million copies worldwide and he couldn’t even see a penny, wow that’s wild. In the same interview they asked him how much he made from the shows with “Turn Me On” he briefly said he made around 5 mil, that’s (5.000.000) USD. 
In the reality from the 6 million copies that were sold worldwide, 47 million dollars has been made from “Turn Me On” according to trusted sources. After all the success that have been produced through that particular song, Kevin Lyttle were not able to become a millionaire, but he did fine. The only problem was the royalties were not what he thought they should have been.

The good thing he owns the publishing and he still get revenues from it. Till 2017 the song was played 62 million times on spotify, just for you to have an idea of how much he made back then, 1 million play on spotify is equals to 4.000 USD. So Kelvin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” had made over 250.000 USD and it still counting.

Without further ado you can check the video below, enjoy:



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