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What’s up guys welcome back to the blog, I hope you’re having a fantastic day, today is our day and we are going to amaze you with Akon “Don’t Matter” funnily enough, Akon was a musical first love for many of us and as for me I think it was the first record I ever bought from him, he really was special back in the day. I just loved his vibe and he just always seemed to be so real and sensitive, I think I like that about him. He always seemed like a vulnerable dude willing just to be honest, I always loved that about him and as time went on I’ve actually grown to admire him even more, he has been doing some really cool things in Africa on the Stellar Network, if you guys don’t know what that is look it up. 

He’s trying to build the national currency of Africa actually going Around the banking system and a government, I think is a very Cool idea and that’s the future of finance. Imagine not having a middleman and just be able to go Straight to the people, that’s really amazing. So it’s kinda giving Me a new appreciation for his music even though I haven’t Listened to it in years, like a long time. “Don’t Matter” was the first song I ever loved by Akon back in days. Without further ado let’s enjoy Akon.


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