"I would prefer in Portugal" - Mourinho after being asked about England's bid to host the 2030 World Cup



The news about the UK's bid to host the FIFA 2030 World Cup became the main topic of many premier league pre-game interviews as well as in the entire media. With almost every British football personality having a say about the matter, many known writers, former players and if not all most managers had shown their excitement for the bid made by England and North Ireland. As if it wasn't enough the British prime minister Boris Johnson also tweeted cheerfully about their attempt to finally host the most expected and watched sport event on the planet.

Nonetheless Tottenham Hotspur's manager Jose Mourinho, during a press conference was asked about what he thought of the action taken by England and also mentioning that both Spain and his own country Portugal were also in the race for this privilege. Mourinho replied saying that he would prefer to be in his country of course, although he also spoke of how he appreciated England and had been there since 2004, but Portugal is Portugal said Mourinho. 



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