Mc Kevin Has Tattooed His Head With Image Of Jesus Christ

Luis Suela


After the release of his called "Time Do Centro" singed by Mc Kevin , Mc Bruninho Da Praia, Dj Oreia and Dj Oldilla in last 3 weeks; in which has over 327K views on YouTube;Eventually Some days after the Mc Kevin has decided to change his new look in which appears tattooed his head with image of Jesus Christ according to his post on Instagram; But his new look surprised his fans and including the media; 

In the meantime, his look became a subject to the media, but before this news Mc Kevin was suffered a car accident on December and also he was facing some problems in his relationship with  Deolane Bezerra in the end of 2020. His relationship with Deolane became one of the most subject talked on the media regarding the separation ;

However a media wasn't stopped asking question why the end of his relationships with Deolane ; But now it seems like everything gets to the normal; But now mc came up with his new look with image of Jesus Christ tattooed on his head; Check It Out


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