Ludmila Reaveled That There Is New Song With The Rapper BIN Coming Soon

Luis Suela

Despite her last performance with Orochi known as "I Love You Too" on 2020 the singer Ludmila supposedly got a brand new song coming on way in which has collaboration of the rapper BIN; According to her Twitter Ludmila affirmed that "the rapper Bin is amazing, I loved the music and the vocals division he did it ,that makes me feel many sensations that's what i call an artist ,ours will be heavy" citing a tweet from Bin that shows him singing his track“ Saturno ”in live version. 

It looks that Ludmilla is progressively curious about the rap scene. Ludmilla is  being one of the best singers in Brazil, However, Ludmila eventually hasn't given a further details concerning her supposedly new song with the rapper BIN when exactly it goes to be released;


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